I Hope Your Wedding Day Is the Worst Day of Your Life

Obviously your wedding day will be one of the highlights of your life. You are making a covenant between God and your spouse, the one God has chosen for you to walk hand in hand with throughout the ups and downs of life. Two sinners coming together to glorify Christ is beyond beautiful, and it should be taken extremely seriously. But I’m trying to get a point […]

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It’s Time to Talk About Submission

Christian Marriage: It's Time To Talk About Submission

We have all been there–a popular blog, television show, or friendly conversation–where submission is mentioned and usually frowned upon. It’s usually followed up by thinking submission is the husband controlling his wife, or a question for God: “why would He force women to submit to men? He’s being completely unfair, so therefore submission is something I can just put to the side.” And even better, an applause […]

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